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More on Hindaun City

Description The City is known for its red stone; the Akshardham Temple in Delhi was built using this stone. The Swami Narain temple in Jaipur was also built with this stone. Hindaun is also known for its slate factories. In India, slates are manufactured in large amounts and are exported abroad. The city is furnished with: *Multispeciality hospital, Mohan Nagar. Electrified railway track connecting metros i.e. Delhi-Mumbai. Railway stations: Hindaun city & Shri Mahaveer Ji. Roadways Bus Depot. Jawahar Navodaya Vidhyala, Jatnangla. Govt. P.G. College. Lush green parks. Higher secondary schools. Hindaun is home of a special confectionary called Moong ki Barfi (cakes made of pulses, sugar, and processed milk) which is unique to Hindaun. Location Hindaun is located in the eastern part of Rajasthan in the vicinity of the Aravalis. The city is well connected with Karauli shire in south, Mahwa, Bharatpur, Todabhim, Shri Mahabir Ji, Ganapur city, Bayana, Suroth with nicely macadamized roads.Hindaun city is located at the planes and is adorned with greenery.The heart temples of Karauli, Madanmohan ji (30k.m.) and Kailadevi temple (56k.m.), are nearby destinations. At the Kailadevi a special fair is solemnised at the time of Navratras. The Kailadevi century is not too far apart from here, the queer destination of wild life surfing. [edit] Places of Attraction /Tourism The main places of attraction in Hindaun City are: The Prahladkund, Hiranyakashayap ka kua, forest, palace and the temple of god Nrasingh ji. Shri Mahaveer ji, the major pilgrimage of Jains. The dam of Jagar, Kundeva, Danghati are also lucrative destinations. The fort of Suroth, City of Moradwaja: the castle of Garmora.The castle of Padampura, the fort of Timangarh & the well of Nand-Bhaujai. The temples of Chamunda at Chinayata and Sankarghanta in estern part of city.Nakkash-ki-devi is the heart temple of Hindaun City with adjoining sacred pond termed as Jalse Education The city is emerging and flapping its wings into the zenith of science. The level of quality education, in the vista, is luring other cities and towns. The city is ranked first into the vista of Industral Training Institute or ITI in Rajasthan and known for itians prevailent across the country. Sourav Campus ( Khera), Bhagwan Mahaveer Group of College(Kanchroli) and Nirmal eduction society (Hindaun city) are the premire institutes of the city. Several teacher education colleges are also running in the city. Talent of Hindaun city is spreading this city name at all over world.Many IAS,RAS and other top grade officers belongs to this city.This city is known for factory of Engineers. Agriculture The land of the area is fertile and the crop rotation is commenced by the ryots.The central agriculture yard is located at Kyarda village opposite to 220kv power house. The major crops are wheet, millet, maize, mustard, cluster bean, ground nut, gooseberry, lemon potato, gram, barley. The monsoon, Jagar dam and canal, wells and underground water are the source of irrigation. The seasonal vegetables and fruits are also sown by peasants. Transport The transport fascility for major towns and cities is available by bus. The government and private vehicles are run by their concerned authorities. Karauli (30k.m.), Mahwa(37k.m.), Mahaveer ji(17k.m.), Suroth (13k.m.), Jaipur(160k.m.) Bayana(app.35k.m.), Bharatpur(app.120k.m.). The railway transport fascility is available as the city lies on the main electrified railway track between Dehli-Mumbai. The stations are Shri Mahaveer ji and Hindaun City. Major transported material is the red stone and derivatives and the slates.

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Education The education standard of the city is increasing quite well.Within the city various institutions both governmental and private are contributing to build the future of the nation.The city is considered to be the first in its I.T.I colleges.Majority of colleges includes I.T.I colleges, B.ed.colleges and Nursing college.The city is having its govt. college , Sr.secondary schools and Jawahar Navodaya Vidhyalaya. In spite of Govt. institutions charitable trusts are also encouraging the glorious quest of knowledge of the students. Major institutions are_ Govt.PG college,Hindaun City Agrasain kanya mahavidhyala,Hindaun City Nirmal college,Hindaun City Govt.Sr.secondary school,Hindaun City (2 girls and 1 boys) Jawahar Navodaya Vidhyalaya,Jatnangla,Hindaun City Nirmal happy,Hindaun City Chandra,Hindaun City Keshav Vidhya Mandir,Hindaun City Abhay Vidhya Mandir,Hindaun City Divine Angels,Hindaun City Adarsh Vidhya Mandir,Hindaun City

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Census 2011 rank among Indian cities 465

As per provisional reports of Census India, population of Hindaun in 2011 is 105,690; of which male and female are 56,178 and 49,512 respectively. The sex ratio of Hindaun city is 881 per 1000 males.

In education section, total literates in Hindaun city are 69,108 of which 41,993 are males while 27,115 are females. Average literacy rate of Hindaun city is 76.58 percent of which male and female literacy was 87.79 and 63.94 percent.

Total children (0-6) in Hindaun city are 15,451 as per figure from Census India report on 2011. There were 8,345 boys while 7,106 are girls. Child sex ratio of girls is 852 per 1000 boys.

City Hindaun
Government Municipality
Urban Agglomeration Metropolitan
State Rajasthan

Hindaun city is governed by Municipal Corporation and is situated in Rajasthan State/UT.

Hindaun City Total Male Female
Population 105,690 56,178 49,512
Literates 69,108 41,993 27,115
Children (0-6) 15,451 8,345 7,106
Average Literacy (%) 76.58 87.79 63.94
Sexratio 881
Child Sexratio 852

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Hindaun City

Hindaun (also known as Hindaun City (हिण्डौन सिटी)) is a town in Karauli district in Rajasthan (India). This is the town located in the vicinity of Aravali Hills & is on the main railway track from Delhi to Mumbai, via Kota, approx. 256 km away from New Delhi. It is a subdivisional headquarters in India. Its population is approximately 125,000. This town covers an area of 10 km². Temperature in summer season ranges between 45 and 25 degrees Celsius and in winters it is between 23 and 5 degrees Celsius.

The City is famous for its Red stone business. It is for information that the Famous AksharDham Temple in Delhi has been built using the same Red Stone of this area. In jaipur The Swami Narain temple is also built by this stone and also processed in Hindaun.

Hindaun is also known for a special delicacy "Moong ki Barfi" (cakes made of pulses, sugar and processed butter) which is unique to Hindaun.

Nearby attractions are Shri Mahabir Ji, 17 km, away from Hindaun City, which is a major pilgrim of Jains and Keladevi, a famous pilgrimage of Hindus, which is just on 1 hour and 30 minutes drive away. At both the places Special MELA (Fair) takes place in the month of March–April, every year.For famous Keladevi temple and Madan mohan ji temple you can change the bus from hindaun.

One more thing which is famous about Hindaun is factories of SLATE. In India, slates are manufactured in a huge amount here which are exported to abroad also.

hindaun is also known for readymade clothes manufacturing.

This city is known as the land of king Hiranyakashyap, who was killed by God Narsingh. For evidences, there is a palace, a pond named after Bhakta Prahlad and a Narsingh Ji temple in hindaun. there is a 'well' also which is known as hiranyakashyap ka kua. There was a forest called Hiranya-karan-van and says that the wife of 'Bheem'(one of Pandava from MAHABHARAT) lived here. It is also the birth place of Ghatotkach(son of Bheem). It is assumed that name "Hindaun" name came from hiranyakashyap. Another folk story behind the name of city is related to Mahabharata. After "lakshagrah" incident, pandavas left the Laksha Palace and entered into "Matasya (currently Alwar) region". While wondering in matasya region Bheem met to Hindamba (who was daughter of an Asur). Hidamba fell in love with Bheem and married him. The name "Hindaun" derived from the name "hindamba". It is situated very near(10 km)to Shri Mahaveer ji, a holy palace for Jain Community. It has an average elevation of 235 metres (770 feet)." World famous Red-Stone is the main reason behind getting such type of title and the city is also known for IITians who work abroad. Hindaun city was the one part of Dhundhar that was ruled by Meenas after 11 century rajput opted it and they ruled here up to 1947 .
[edit] Location

Hindaun is located in the east part of Rajasthan.It is situated in Aravli valleys. It is very beautiful view with July to February in Hindaun city. If you are moving to Gwalior from Jaipur or kota by road you should choose the root Jaipur-Mahwa-Hindaun-Karauli-Dholpur-Gwalior because it is very nice to see on road waterfalls of River Chambals and green Aravli valleys.

Distances from Hindaun:

Delhi-249 km, By train 4 Hours( Paschim Express, Janta Express, Jan Shatabdi Express, Dehradun Express) Jaipur-147 km By Train 5 and half hours, By Bus 3 and 1/2 hours, Every hour 4.30 am to 8 pm buses available Mathura- 110 km By train 1 and 1/2 hour, By bus 2 hours Bharatpur- 75 km By train 45 minutes Agra- 125 km By Train 2 and 1/2 hours ( Agra fort passenger 2 time a day and Avadh Express at 18.10 pm Kota- 216 km By train, By road 240 km ( From 2.40 am to 23.40 trains are available) Alwar- 110 km Buses are available Vijaypura-12 km Jeep & magic are available at Truck Union (From 7.00 am to 7.00 pm)

As of 2001 India census,[1] Hindaun had a population of 84,784. Males constitute 54% of the population and females 46%. Hindaun has an average literacy rate of 61%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 71%, and female literacy is 49%. In Hindaun, 18% of the population is under 6 years of per 2011 census-------- Area Profile of Hindaun (M) Town of Karauli district, Rajasthan state Number of Households 12,506 Average Household Size(per Household) 7.0 Population-Total 84,861 Proportion of Urban Population (%) 100 Population-Rural 0 Sex Ratio 865 Population-Urban 84861 Sex Ratio(0-6 Year) 883 Population(0-6Years) 15,545 Sex Ratio (SC) 874 SC Population 19,700 Sex Ratio (ST) 685 ST Population 841 Proportion of SC (%) 23.0 Literates 50,700 Proportion of ST (%) 1.0 Illiterates 34,161 Literacy Rate (%) 73.0 Total Workers 22,860 Work Participation Rate (%) 27.0 Main Worker 19,198 % of Main Workers 23.0 Marginal Worker 3,662 % of Marginal Worker 4.0 Non Worker 62,001 % of non Workers 73.0 CL (Main+Marginal) 1,878 Proportion of CL (%) 8.0 Al (Main+Marginal) 1,123 Proportion of AL (%) 5.0 HHI (Main+Marginal) 1,248 Proportion of HHI (%) 5.0 OW (Main+Marginal) 18,611 Proportion of OW (%) 81.0